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inVantage Launches Summit Leadership Series in 2024

inVantage in launching a four-part executive learning program called the Summit Leadership Series in 2024 with strategic partner Jennifer Ott of Jennifer Ott Consulting, LLC. This in-person program in Milwaukee, WI is focused on developing deep levels of understanding about what makes the talent of your organization tick so you can provide better leadership, management, and guidance – with the angle from the executive seats you sit in.

Here’s a number for you! For every year a company delays executive development, it costs 7% of their total sales (Zippia). What could your organization accomplish if its executive team leveled up each year if it helped grow the business by at least seven percent just by making a strategic investment in learning? Think about the compounding effect of this over three years…

The Summit Leadership Series will extend over four sessions covering topics including: Core Values That Drive Results, Generational Leadership, Avoiding Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Derailers, and Crucial Executive Level Conversations.

The Summit Leadership Series will begin in February 2024 and now is the time to reserve your spot. To request membership, please email Anna Cottrill ( or Kelly Renz (

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