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When It Clicks

Our organization had self-implemented EOS as part of the search to get more out of our business.  Simple things were feeling hard to do.  Our leadership team was on crystal clear on our direction and that made execution of goals inconsistent at best.  As the CEO, I felt I had to be part of everything, which was impossible to actually do well. 

While sharing these challenges with several members of a CEO roundtable group, that is when the book Traction was recommended to me.  Several members were running their business on EOS and said it was transformational for them. 

So, I read it.  Then I read it a second time.  Could creating organizational clarity really be this straight-forward with tools you don’t need PhD to figure out?  I was hooked and had the rest of our team read the book.  We decided as a group this could be the answer for us.  So, we embarked on a one- year implementation process. It was a game changer for sure.

Flash forward three years later, I’m sitting in the EOS Boot Camp program where I went from thinking our self-implementation was a solid B+ job to realizing we really were more like a C-.  There was SO MUCH WE MISSED because we did it on our own.  We could have even seen more progress on becoming 100% strong in the Six Key Components! And there was a lot I missed because as implementer, I’m not a full participant.  I didn’t experience this with my team as one of the group – I led it.  As the CEO I also had too much influence in the process.

It just clicked.  EOS is a journey that the full team needs to be part of equally to gain the full experience of Vision building – getting everyone on the same page and buying into the future picture of the business.  The vulnerability and openness are greater with an outside facilitator as well – someone that holds each person equally accountable. 

This realization is just one of the many learnings in EOS mastery that makes good implementers great – when they can admit they don’t know everything, but have the tools, methodologies and processes to help entrepreneurs and their teams get more out of their business.

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