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Your Business and Team
The Way You Always Imagined.

We guide entrepreneurial leadership teams to implement simple, proven organizational frameworks that increase scalability, predictability, and profitability.

Is your business complexity getting in the way of growth?

Owning and operating a successful business can seem like an endless, steep climb with danger lurking at every turn. Navigating competition and market pressure, managing wrong-fit people, chasing faulty priorities and cleaning up messes made by inconsistency can leave you exhausted, doubtful and frustrated.

  1. Are you or your leaders involved with too many projects demanding all yours and their time and attention working in the business vs. on it?
  2. Are you frustrated you need to tell people how to do things over and over, making scalability nearly impossible? Do you question if you have 100% of the right people in your business?
  3. Do you struggle with setting and achieving goals? Is it challenging to accurately predict your business results?

The gap between frustration and greatness isn’t as wide as you think.

Build your business on a framework that delivers accountability, clarity and results so you can feel confident in your business and team again.

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We've been in your seat!

Kelly Renz, our founder, is a Certified Pinnacle Business Guide® and a former Professional EOS Implementer®. Inspired by her own journey as a business leader and owner, she knows the importance and value of having a trusted guide providing the tools and insights on along the path.

“You didn’t come this far to fall short of the summit for your own business. You have imagined the view from the top. You’ve been dreaming about it since you started. Rare is the leader who gets to the summit of their mountain alone. To go further in the journey, we go together.”

On the quest to reach the summit, every great team has a guide who’s only focus is to help them succeed. A guide who has been up the mountain many times, with many teams. A guide who has collected and mastered all of the right tools and the right processes not just for any climb, but for YOUR climb. A guide who has the experience to get you to the summit in any conditions. A guide who knows how sweet the view is from the top and is passionate about your team’s success.

If you’re ready for the journey… let’s start the climb!

Our Supporting Solutions

At the core of inVantage’s services are the close relationships we have as certified partners with leading programs in the world.

Our clients' top line growth is 15% or more every year.

Services We Provide

Better Business + Better Team = Better Life

Business Guides

Rope in with an inVantage Business Guide to help you and your team find the best path, gear and tools for your unique journey to the summit. Start the next phase of your journey to the summit, a clear and custom-tailored plan (we call them playbooks), a detailed trail map and clear measurables to track your progress.

& Development

About 90% of businesses issues stem from people challenges. Hire, develop and retain 100% of the right people for your team, providing them the right training and conditioning to make the climb through all the changing conditions.


Business coaching for executives is a 1:1 or team program to strengthen the relationships, effectiveness, accountability, and results of your leadership group. Investing in your team to be their best version of themselves, while focusing on their unique abilities, contributes to a better business.

“We’ve experienced twice our usual annual growth since implementing a business operating system.  I wish we had done this a long time ago.”

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