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The Journey to Your Pinnacle

Climbing a mountain may be the ultimate metaphor for business growth. We also know the best leaders didn’t fall on top of their mountain – it was a climb.

Our Pinnacle journey is about going somewhere that few others have gone in your industry. It is about becoming a company people talk about and want to be a part of. It is about overcoming obstacles and doing what people said cannot be done. It is making the hard decisions. It is about enjoying the journey and your team more.

Having a clearly defined strategy is essential. A trusted guide is also essential – someone who can help you ensure you have a route mapped, packed the right tools, assembled the best team, and know what pitfalls to avoid along the way.  If your goal is to get to the summit, you will need to travel light so you are agile and responsive – but still ready for any storm that is inevitably going to come along the way. 

Your journey with us starts at Base Camp where we begin assembling your foundational business playbooks using timeless and proven operational and people tools.

We also ensure you have a cohesive team all working toward a shared vision, with shared language and clear objectives.  After all, you can’t run plays if everyone is on a different version.  We bring the framework and tools to get you and your playbooks solidly effective and implemented.

As certified Pinnacle Business Guides, we have been where you are and climbed our mountains.  Now we bring the practical experience and time-tested tools in your journey to bring your team to the summit.

To successfully reach the summit, you need...

The Right Guide

Rope in with the right guide to help you and your team find the best path, gear and tools for your unique journey to the Summit.

The Right Team

Get the right team in place, with the right training and conditioning to make the climb through all the changing conditions.

The Right Plan

Start the next phase of your journey to the summit, a clear and custom-tailored plan (we call them playbooks), a detailed trail map and clear measurables to track your progress.

“Done done.  That phrase has become part of our language.  Kelly’s coaching has provided us the discipline to focus on our Rocks – and we get more than 95% of them done done.  Before we missed more than 50% of our goals.”

Divisional President/2nd in Command, Capital Equipment Dealer

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