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About inVantage

There is no secret that running a strong business requires scalable organizational systems run by leadership teams that work in harmony with transparency, accountability and results.

Better Business + Better Team = Better Life.

inVantage was developed by experienced business owners who understand the challenges of “making it all fit together”. We work with you to strengthen your business – your overall vision, operations and talent.  As trusted business guides, we bring the right tools and methods to businesses so you not only grow, but thrive.

Our Guarantee

You don’t pay unless we bring you value

We Live Our Core Values


We share our resources, experience, wisdom and networks freely.

Benevolent connectors of people

Great people need to be surrounded by other great people.

Live fully and
tackle the climb

If you don’t try, you can’t fail. But you also can’t succeed.

Say it,
do it

Credibility and confidence that we will get it done. Done done.

Kelly M. Renz

CEO, Certified Pinnacle Business Guide®

My personal “Noble Why”: Grow for a lifetime by leaning into my discomfort. Create an environment around me where others can realize and reach their potential.

As a 27-year entrepreneurial leader, Kelly has never been one to conform to conventional business practices. Her innate desire to challenge the status quo and a relentless drive for better results influences how she approaches her work. One of her former CEO’s would say she could see around corners. And she believes that is possible – there is an art and science to running a business and she subscribes to building accountability to achieve results.

She became one of only 100 certified Pinnacle Business Guides in the world because she enjoys working with entrepreneurs to get more of what they want from their businesses. Pinnacle© is an evolution. They packed up some of the finest business tools on the planet—all curated from hundreds of time-tested books, proven systems and concepts—then custom designed for each business’s unique climb—all to help teams gain the highest impact in the shortest amount of time.  She has spent the past decade in sessions learning, and teaching leadership teams how to implement growth. It’s not an easy journey, but in the end the view is incredible.

Erica L. Roberts

Operating Partner-2IC, Certified Pinnacle Business Guide®

Her 25+ year career in executive leadership in human capital and industrial operations has allowed Erica to lead in various environments. From manufacturing and distribution to financial services, her innate determination for better results has driven Erica’s passion for aligning a business’s value to talent, leadership, execution, and financial strength. She knows the stresses and challenges of business and all the competing demands. Often the coach, she has focused on helping leaders worldwide improve their business units.

Erica has never been comfortable with ‘staying in her lane,’ and her drive to align talent to strategy has had her walking in lockstep with owners, CEOs, and Presidents as they look to grow their businesses. Erica became a Certified Pinnacle Business Guide because she enjoys working with executives to get more of what they want from their businesses. As a former client, she knows the organizational success that can be achieved from implementing the Pinnacle principles. After all, the best leaders didn’t fall on top of their mountain—it was a climb!

Anna Cottrill

Business Operations Lead

Anna graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison with degrees in both International Business and Management & Human Resources – Entrepreneurship.

At inVantage, Anna focuses on business growth & development, marketing strategy, and the elevation of all aspects of our client’s experience during their time with us. 

She is interested in entrepreneurship, health & wellness, and travel, and is a dedicated lifelong learner.

“Working with Kelly has transformed our company.  Our leadership team is focused, clear and working better together than we ever have. It was all about accountability.”

2nd In Command, Non-Profit

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