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“2020 ate our lunch. 2021 looks to be eyeing up our dinner.”

This was the response from a CFO of a manufacturing company looking to implement EOS®when I asked, “What is your business outlook?”

ATE OUR LUNCH. That sums up what many businesses feel right now. As your organization prepares for 2021, are you going to get what you need out of your business? Is your team operating smoothly and having fun doing it? This year has tested every limit and broken everything we thought we knew, so doing what you’ve done the past may not be the answer. You need to look at new options.

A successful business is no accident. Companies that run on EOS®can experience all the following:

1. 100% aligned organization on the Vision – where you’re headed and how you’re going to get there
2. Accurately predict short- and long-term results; thus make better decisions
3. Goal attainment of 80% or better
4. Leadership team has strong relationships that weather storms
5. Solve issues faster at the root cause level – knock them down for good
6. Weekly insights into business results so levers can be pulled quickly to make adjustments

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