Welcome Erica Roberts to the inVantage Team!

We are thrilled to announce that our inVantage team is growing! Erica Roberts has started as our new inVantage Operating Partner-2IC and Certified Pinnacle Business Guide.

Erica has never been comfortable with ‘staying in her lane’, and her drive to align talent to strategy has had her walking in lockstep with owners, CEOs, and Presidents as they look to grow their businesses. She has been known to have a sixth sense for understanding organizational health and building accountability practices to achieve results. She knows first-hand the speed that can be achieved with organizational alignment and clarity of purpose. 

Her 25+ year career in executive leadership in human capital and industrial operations has allowed Erica to lead in various environments. From manufacturing and distribution to financial services, her innate determination for better results has driven Erica’s passion for aligning a business’s value to talent, leadership, execution, and financial strength. In organizations with 2x to 5x growth, Erica has led acquisitions, business consolidations, systems implementations, and significant capital expansions, where each business need deepened her learnings and leadership. She knows the stresses and challenges of business and all the competing demands. Often the coach, she has focused on helping leaders worldwide improve their business units. 

Erica became a Certified Pinnacle Business Guide because she enjoys working with executives to get more of what they want from their businesses. As a former client, she knows the organizational success that can be achieved from implementing the Pinnacle principles. 

Now a Guide on this journey, Erica looks forward to working with clients to provide the foundation, tools, and teaching for leadership teams to reach the Pinnacle of their unique mountain. After all, the best leaders didn’t fall on top of their mountain – it was a climb!

Please join us in welcoming Erica to the team!

To read Erica’s full bio, please visit our “About” page.

inVantage Client Webinar: Three Reasons Your Sales Revenue is Not Growing with Gary Braun

On Monday, April 15th, inVantage clients and guests met virtually to hear from the Co-founder of Pivotal Advisors, Gary Braun. We learned about how to implement a Sales Operating System that fits within the already established Business Operating System.

Gary shared incredible tips and next steps for clients to implement sales planning strategies, sales processes, and sales coaching strategies that all yield incredibly impactful results.

He shared key next steps for companies to take including: incorporating a Sales Operating System, documenting the sales process as a “Playbook” to follow, and invited attendees to connect with him and utilize him as a resource.

Gary also shared four resource documents with attendees that they can use to start growing their sales revenue.

inVantage Client and Guest Webinar: The Social CEO with Kristi Piehl

On Friday, February 2nd, inVantage clients met virtually to hear from the Founder and CEO of Media Minefield, Kristi Piehl. We learned about the ever-increasing business case for having a strong social media presence – not only for the company but also for the CEO and other executives.

Kristi shared invaluable tips, tricks, and best practices for our clients to use to strengthen and optimize their social media platforms. Her team at Media Minefield gave attendees access to some additional resources they can utilize when creating their social media content strategy.

Wisconsin Pinnacle Leadership Council (PLC) Event 2024 with Discover Strength CEO Luke Carlson

The Wisconsin Pinnacle Leadership Council (PLC) is hosting its annual event on May 15, 2024. Our Business Operating System clients get exclusive access to the PLC events. Clients from all Wisconsin PLC members will join together for a morning of learning and best practice sharing. This year, we are proud to welcome Luke Carlson, founder and CEO of Discover Strength, as our keynote speaker.

Luke Carlson will be sharing invaluable information with our clients as he speaks about embracing the Business Operating System framework to build his organization from one single gym into a franchise.

Medical College of Wisconsin Leadership Academy Improves Their Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Self-Awareness with inVantage CEO Kelly Renz

The Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) Leadership Academy is a collaborative program between the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee’s Lubar School of Business and MCW. The MCW Leadership Academy focuses on developing and supporting their faculty as leaders within the academic health professions. This program brings current, relevant business and leadership skills to their developing leaders.

Kelly Renz facilitated an Emotional Intelligence (EQ) session with the MCW Leadership Academy. Participants learned about the four Core EQ Skills including self-awareness, social awareness, self-management, and relationship management. Their session had a heightened focus on learning strategies to increase participant’s self-awareness so they can show up better as a leader. Some of the strategies participants learned included assessing their self-awareness, understanding internal vs. external strategies, and recognizing and managing your emotions.

MCW Leadership Academy participants left the session with a better understanding of their self-awareness and how they can use it to improve their emotional intelligence (EQ).

B2E Solutions Team Members Celebrate Their 30th Anniversary While Increasing Their Emotional Intelligence (EQ) with inVantage

Last Friday we were honored to present at B2E Solution’s 30th anniversary celebration where team members from all locations came together for a day of celebration, learning and team building. We presented on the topic of emotional intelligence (EQ) and guided the team through exercises to increase their self-awareness and self-management skills.

This team was so FUN!

They are a group of people who are not only passionate about client service but are also incredibly dedicated to their own personal growth. We applaud the authenticity and vulnerability that they showed each other throughout the day. This team rocked it!

Leadership Waukesha County Cohort Increases Their Emotional Intelligence (EQ) with inVantage CEO, Kelly Renz

On Wednesday, September 13th, inVantage CEO, Kelly Renz, led a session on Emotional Intelligence for the Leadership Waukesha County cohort at the Waukesha County Business Alliance.

Leadership Waukesha County is a leadership development program that has been offered by the Waukesha County Business Alliance for over 30 years. This program provides tools and education to level-up participants’ leadership skills. Each class session is led by one of their experienced facilitators who guides the participants through meaningful activities and discussions.

Emotional Intelligence was the focus of the session which guided the cohort through topics including defining emotional intelligence (EQ) and its four core skills, understanding the business case for a high EQ, and learning how to increase self-awareness to strengthen EQ.