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Gift of time and results in effective meetings and issue solving

“Why do we keep meeting about the same topics over and over?  Haven’t we solved this before a million times?  This is taking too much time. I’m so frustrated!!!!”

Can you relate?  Have you ever been part of a culture that meets about meetings?  As leaders of businesses, we sure can complicate how to solve issues sometimes, can’t we?

One of the many impactful outcomes of implementing EOS® is gaining two gifts:  time and solving problems at the root cause.   You get time back with fewer meetings.  Also, meetings become exceptionally effective, focusing a leadership team on the issues that need to be knocked to the ground once and for all.

How?  By learning to be effective at solving problems using a method in EOS called IDS™– Identify, Discuss, Solve.  This technique removes the redundant symptom dialog and drives out the root cause so an issue can be actually solved.  Using this model in my personal experience eliminated about 10 wasteful meeting hours per week.  That is like getting a full day back in life per week!  Can you imagine what you’d do with that kind of time?

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