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inVantage Lightblub Series – EmPower HR

Welcome to the inVantage Lightbulb Series. This video series highlights the connection of the Entrepreneurial Operating System® and how I, as Professional EOS Implementer®, partner with other organizations to help clients solve real business challenges.

Many EOS® run organizations find themselves needing additoinal HR support, whethther it is a fullly outsourced need, fractional/part time assistance or payrol and benefits services, having the right HR partner is a key part of scaling a business.  In this short YouTube segment featuring Jen Guzman, we highlight EmPower HR.  This organization creates customized HR management solutions for their clients. They offer a full range of integrated HR solutions that gives clients and their employees access to great benefits and a knowledgeable and responsive staff that is just as dedicated to your business as your own team. 

EmPower HR was a provider to an organization that also ran on EOS® when I was CHRO.  It was the right services at just the right time in our business growth.

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