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inVantage Lightbulb Series – TKO Miller – Middle Market Investment Banking

Welcome to the inVantage Lightbulb Series. This video series highlights the connection of the Entrepreneurial Operating System® and how I, as Professional EOS Implementer®, partner with other organizations to help clients solve real business challenges.

In this short YouTube segment, we highlight TKO Miller, an investment bank that prides itself on “Bringing Big Bank Experience to the Middle Market.” The investment banking team at TKO Miller has years of transaction experience and use their training and talents to bring that experience to middle market clients.  If you have a very large business to sell, investment banks from all over will come to work on your transaction. Too often, if you have a middle market transaction, you were left with substandard advisors. TKO Miller bring together companies on a national and international scale to help our clients achieve their personal and strategic objectives.  

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