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inVantage’s Kelly Renz, now also a Pinnacle Business Guide

What exciting news for inVantage!  

I am pleased to share I’m now one of only 100 Certified Pinnacle Business Guides® around the globe. 

The Pinnacle Business Guides organization is comprised of a select group of business advisors and coaches, born to disrupt the way businesses view and select an operating system.  Pinnacle has evolved the model of a “one size fits all” operating system to create a journey for each client to reach their business summit – the Pinnacle. 

This journey provides an operating foundation and then builds upon it so leadership teams continue to make their climb up their unique mountain by learning the best business tools offered in the market.  We know them all and have selected only the top to incorporate into our work, along with proprietary tools we’ve developed as well. 

Pinnacle also provides a technology platform to manage key performance information and data so teams remain connected and on the same page.  This is an operating approach no one outgrows – it evolves with an organization and its leadership team. 

I couldn’t be more excited to for my clients as they start their Pinnacle journey with me!  

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