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Vistage Chair Free Virtual Event: Business Operating Systems

Join Kelly Renz, CEO of inVantage, Vistage Member, Certified Pinnacle Business Guide®  for a free Vistage Chair educational session about the changes in the business operating system landscape. 

There is no secret that running a strong business requires scalable organizational systems run by leadership teams that work in harmony, with transparency, accountability, and focus.  As a Vistage Chair, you guide your members on these premises to make their climb. 

Vistage group members are talking about the hot topic – business operating systems – and there are a lot of questions they want answers to.  So, how do you help them with a topic this important to their business?  You learn about them from a Vistage Trusted Advisor.

As a trained business coach in multiple business operating systems, Kelly will share the differences in systems and why there has been disruption in this market.  This educational session will provide an overview of the trends, practices, and options available to your members. 

Virtual Session Via Zoom

Date: August 23rd, 9:00 – 10:00 am CT

Please RSVP by August 19th to

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