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Wisconsin Launches Pinnacle Business Guides Practices

Experienced business coaches Rick Appleby, Kelly Renz, Jim Palzewicz, Todd Hanson, and Matthias Bollmus introduce new business operating platform and tools in Wisconsin

Top Wisconsin business coaches and entrepreneurs announce their organizations are now the exclusive state providers of the Pinnacle Business Guides© platform for business operations, growth and development, five of only 100 globally.

The Pinnacle Business Guides© organization was born to disrupt the way businesses view and select an operating system.  Pinnacle has evolved the model of a “one size fits all” operating system to create a journey for each client to reach their business summit – the Pinnacle.  This journey provides a structure and tools for leadership teams to continue to make their climb by learning the best business tools offered in the market.  Pinnacle also provides a technology platform to manage key performance information and data. 

“I’ve been an entrepreneur for a long time and know that every business will hit a ceiling at some point –more than likely multiple times.  Whether it is people challenges, growth is stymied, or something else creating a limitation, leaders who seek guidance from experienced business coaches simply go further AND faster together.” said Kelly Renz, CEO and founder of inVantage. “I have been in my client’s shoes and chose to become a Pinnacle Business Guide because I knew there is not a one-sized-fits-all solution to running a great business.  I wanted to bring the best business tools and executive education to my clients. Pinnacle delivers on it all.”

Jim Palzewicz, Partner at Strategic Business Center added, “I’m always learning and growing, and love how business operating systems mature and evolve.  After working with many of them, I chose to become a Pinnacle Business Guide.  I can now meet my clients wherever they are in their journey and teach them the best tools they need to reach their BHAG.”

“I have had the good fortune of coaching and working with some extraordinarily talented leadership teams during my career” said Rick Appleby, Founder of Strategic Planning Solutions. “I am always seeking the best tools available to help them reach their highest potential. Joining Pinnacle Business Guides has enabled me to take this approach to another level entirely, and I am gratified to join an exceptional organization dedicated to helping our clients achieve their highest goals.”

Todd Hanson, Founder of Catalyst Performance Group stated, “I’ve advocated for years now that executives embrace a strategic and systematic way in which to run their business. Doing so helps them turn their vision into reality. The Pinnacle tool set leapfrogs previous platforms and being a part of the Pinnacle Guide Community allows me the opportunity to leverage literally hundreds of years of experience to meet every leadership team issue head on. This is home.”

Matthias Bollmus, founder of Heja Consulting, adds that, “In my 20 plus years in executive and director level positions I have experienced first-hand what it is like to be stuck; nobody is perfect or knows everything. My clients are humble enough to admit that they need some help, and that is when the magic happens. Adding the Pinnacle tools to my toolbelt has been a great decision for me and my clients.”

Rick, Jim, Kelly, Todd and Matthias each own coaching and development businesses, but enjoy the incredible community of Pinnacle Business Guides who operate like colleagues and foster collaboration for their work.

About Pinnacle Business Guides©

PINNACLE© is an evolution. We’ve packed up some of the finest business tools on the planet—all curated from hundreds of time-tested books, proven systems and concepts—then custom designed for your unique climb—all to help you gain the highest impact in the shortest amount of time. At PINNACLE© we’ve hiked in your boots. We’ve been climbing some serious business mountains for over 30 years. We’ve also spent the past decade in classrooms learning, and teaching leadership teams how to implement growth. It’s not an easy journey, but in the end the view is incredible. Let’s climb!

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