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Speaking Opportunities

inVantage offers speaking opportunities delivered by national speaker, CEO, and Certified Pinnacle Business Guide, Kelly Renz, on engaging and educational topics centered around increasing team performance and effectiveness.

Keynote sessions typically can flex from one to four hours and are customized to each event.

Sample Topics Include:

Better Business + Better Team = Better Life.

Running organizations on a Business Operating System for maximum growth and results.
Description: There is no secret that running a strong business requires scalable organization systems run by leadership teams that work in harmony with transparency, accountability and results. We work with you to strengthen your business – your overall vision, operations, and talent, by bringing the right tools and methods to your business so you not only grow, but thrive.

Preserving the Value of the Asset You Just Acquired

If you are considering an acquisition, or just completed one, there is nothing more important than preserving and protecting your investment. Understanding how talent plays in due-diligence, valuation and post-acquisition integration success are critical predictors of the resulting organizational performance post-deal. This discussion will help break down the components of talent impacts in deals in the stages of due-diligence, communication and assessment and integration, ensuring participants are assessing and protecting the value.

Executive Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Organizations with high EQ win more – it’s simple. Awareness of our own emotions and tendencies opens doors for us to manage ourselves more effectively by making better decisions and responding to challenges productively and proactively. Associates who increase their EQ skills increase their ability to communicate effectively, make good decisions, handle conflict, be a team player, respond to change well, handle stress better, and provide top-notch customer service. This discussion will help you and your team learn to grow your EQ by understanding the core EQ skills and how to apply them to the workforce.

Build a High Performing Team

Not all teams are high performing, are yours? Discover what sets high performing teams apart from the rest by discussing the key components that make a team high performing. Assess your own team and take away actionable next steps to ensure your team is operating at peak performance.

Demystifying Succession Planning:
The most important talent program you probably aren’t doing.

A cornerstone component of any talent management strategy is succession planning. It is a necessary and fundamental planning process to ensure the viability of the business as it pertains to the talent resources required for client delivery excellence and to fuel growth. Unfortunately, more than 75% of all companies do not have a formal succession planning strategy. Why? Because developing, implementing, funding, and managing succession planning can be challenging and cumbersome in “traditional” program approaches. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be! This is where strategy meets results in succession planning.

Increasing Organizational Performance and Effectiveness

There are reasons some teams seem to win more often, and some unfortunately lose. Learn what winning teams do differently, and how to map these approaches to your own leadership styles. Recognizing how to build trust, create accountability and build a unified vision everyone can get behind are how the strongest leaders get things done.

Past Speaking Engagements

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“Kelly is an exceptional speaker, combining deep knowledge with engaging delivery. Their presentations are insightful and inspiring, leaving the audience both informed and motivated. I highly recommend Kelly for any event seeking a transformative speaker.”

John J. Johnson | BizAlliance

For speaking engagement requests, please reach out to inVantage.